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After Covid, We're Ready


☐ 1. Promote and demonstrate regular hand washing and positive hygiene behaviors and monitor their uptake. Ensure adequate, clean and separate toilets for girls and boys o Ensure soap and safe water is available at age-appropriate hand washing stations o Encourage frequent and thorough washing (at least 20 seconds) o Place hand sanitizers in toilets, classrooms, halls, and near exits where possible o Ensure adequate, clean and separate toilets or latrines for girls and boys

☐ 2. Clean and disinfect school buildings, classrooms and especially water and sanitation facilities at least once a day, particularly surfaces that are touched by many people (railings, lunch tables, sports equipment, door and window handles, toys, teaching and learning aids etc.) o Use sodium hypochlorite at 0.5% (equivalent 5000ppm) for disinfecting surfaces and 70% ethyl alcohol for disinfection of small items, and ensure appropriate equipment for cleaning staff

☐ 3. Increase air flow and ventilation where climate allows (open windows, use air conditioning where available, etc.)

☐ 4. Post signs encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene practices

☐ 5. Ensure trash is removed daily and disposed of safely

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