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Young children learn and explore their world through play. Therefore, our classrooms are designed to make learning hands-on and give children the opportunity to delve deeply into their interests, with multiple activities set up around the classroom.

Each day, eight “centers” are set up around the classroom: sensory, science, math, arts, writing, dramatic play, construction, and open-ended materials that allow students to create freely. Activities are thoughtfully designed to meet students where they are developmentally, and teachers guide them as they tackle increasingly complex tasks and concepts. The curriculum is designed to develop the early literacy, math, critical thinking, communication, confidence, emotional, and social skills children need to thrive in school.

Our classrooms are infused with STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We place an emphasis on these disciplines in our daily activities because they open the door to hands-on learning and help students build the fundamentals for critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and innovation.
In the Classroom

"Don't be fooled by the location, this is one of the finest  Learning Centers in the City of St. Louis!!! Note; I said Learning Center not daycare!! Rochelle and her staff are amazing!!!"


"Omg! I love Beginning Futures so much! Everyone is like family! The professionalism and organization in the daycare amazes me! The establishment is very clean! I love everyone there! They take really great care of the kiddos! Very near and dear to my heart! ❤️"


The Owner, Directors, Staff, All have the BEST interest of the children at heart! Take a "walk thru" and see for yourself why they are a "Hidden Treasure" for children.  

Beginning Futures

Learning Center


Phone: 314-381-4800

Address: 4981 Thrush Avenue

                St.Louis, MO 63120

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